Friday, September 18, 2015

How Inconsistent

Woe to the guilty! How unfortunate they are, for what their hands have done shall be done to them.
—Isaiah 3:11
The Lord of strength and might is he
who is at your right hand,
and in his day of wrath he'll crush
kings who against him stand.
—Psalm 110:5
Suggested tune (Dundee):
Therefore you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, are doing the very same things.
—Romans 2:1
How inconsistent for a pardoned malefactor to insult even those who are under condemnation. If any seem to be religious, and bridle not their tongue from condemning themselves and others, then their reli­gion is vain.
—John Bunyan (alt.)
My failure to be true even to my own accepted standards; my self deception in face of temptation; my choosing of the worse when I know the better: O Lord, forgive.
My failure to apply to myself the standards of conduct I demand of others; my blindness to the suffering of others and my slowness to be taught by my own; my complacency towards wrongs that do not touch my own case and my over-sensitivity to those that do: O Lord, forgive.
My slowness to see the good in my fellows and to see the evil in myself; my hardness of heart towards my neighbors' faults and my readiness to make allowance for my own; my unwillingness to believe that thou hast called me to some small work and my brother or sister to a great one: O Lord, forgive.
—John Baillie

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